Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kites Attack Wind Vane - AGAIN!

This time they attacked the wind vane at Old Man's. It was all for a promotional party at the shack for a swimwear company. They used a big triangular kite to fly an inflated mermaid, suspended from the guide line. They tried three times to have the mermaid touchdown on the surfboard wind vane, but on the third try, the wind vane struck back, shredding the mermaid to bits and showering the party with mermaid fragments. The kite's line was severed and it drifted off towards the freeway.

These thumbnail pictures link to previous kite attacks reported at San-O Daze:


beard family said...

Prime Minister Carton: That's the funniest and most creative post in the history of San-O Daze, bar none.

vetter family said...

It's funny to you, not to me. That woman balloon looks like the 'Virgin Mary'. Don't you see the resemblance?

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