Saturday, June 27, 2009



the embalmer said...

This is truly unreal. I attended High School with two of those chicks. They were hot alright.

moon walk said...

Oh man, dis is terrible the way you treat our Michael. Janet is in attendance. She is overcome by grief Brother Michael will be sorely missed. I hope you hon;ey bloggers are pleased how you dissed him.

The Bad Humor Man said...

Murphy walks into Walmart and inquires about a shiny object behind the counter.

The helpful store clerk responds, "Why, it's a thermos."

Still curious, Murphy asks, "What does it do?"

"It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold," replies the clerk.

So he buys one....

The next day, he brings it to the beach. Puttzle asks, "What's that shiny thingy?"

Murphy replies with authority, "It's a thermos."

"Oh," says Puttzle, "And what's it do?"

"Well," says Murphy, "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold."

Then Puttzle asks, "So what do you have in there today?"

"Two cups of coffee and a Popsicle."

TA DA said...


Paul Henning said...

Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction.
(Petticoat Junction)
Forget about your cares, it is time to relax at the junction.
(Petticoat Junction)

Lotsa curves, you bet. Even more when you get
To the junction, Petticoat Junction.

There's a little hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction.
(Petticoat Junction)
It is run by Kate, come and be her guest at the junction.
(Petticaor Junction)
And that's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kind of slow at the junction,
Petticoat Junction

ernest hargood said...

Tnanks Paul for reminding us. That was, and still is my favorit show.

Moon Phase