Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hard Times

It is the month of June, a resort town sits next to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough
times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.
Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town.
He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 dollar bill on the reception counter,
and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.
The hotel proprietor takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.
The Butcher takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the pig raiser.
The pig raiser takes the 100 dollar bill, and runs to pay his debt to the
supplier of his feed and fuel.
The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 dollar bill and runs to pay
his debt to the town's prostitute that in these hard times, gave her
"services" on credit.
The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 dollar
bill to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she
brought her clients there.
The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 dollar bill back on the counter so
that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.
At that moment, the rich tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms,
and takes his 100 dollar bill, after saying that he did not like any of the
rooms, and leaves town.
No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt, and
looks to the future with a lot of optimism .
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States Government is doing business today.


Anonymous said...

Very true!

That is why you're Dr. Ralph and not Dr. Murphy.

giant kielbasa said...

Do you so-called 'old timers' remember 'Hard Times' and his green panel truck from 22nd St. Hermosa.

Anonymous said...

"Hard Times" = Kenny Warner

OH, CRAPP said...

Anon', you are one in a million that would remember previous times. Here's another one: At 'Double Deuce' there was a market called the Green Store. Here's the kicker, what color was the Green Store.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I have no idea. Truthfully, I'm trying to figure out who's buried in Grant's Tomb.

what a maroon said...

Thanks for the repeat!

Anonymous said...

Hey moron maroon. The have Dr.Ralph, Dr.Murphy, now all those crackpots need is Dr.Ruth

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