Monday, June 22, 2009

The public schools are out of control

Why is california near last place in natonal testing? Now that school is out and the kids are on the beach AGAIN, I want all of us sanodaze readers to contemplate all the myriad reasons why year round school would not only be good for the kid's, but also good for sano. It's a "win-win"!


Anonymous said...

Wille Shoemaker told us a kilometer is 5/8 of a mile. A mile is 5280 feet. a kilometer is 5/8 mile. Shoe was correct, a mile is farther than a kilometer. What are you trying to pull on us anyhow?


California Teacher's Union said...

How dare you critize us under-paid and over-worked teachers!

We are always right...except politically, where we are left.

Dr.Colon said...


Anonymous said...

"We underpaid....", not 'us underpaid'. CTU, you are a total disgrace. Shotzy, how do you find these people.

California Teacher's Union said...


We are always right and must be respected---even when we're wrong!

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