Tuesday, August 04, 2009

EL NINO 2009

JAVAScript Animation
This is a view of the current El Nino / La Nina evolving in the tropical Pacific Ocean. You are looking north, across the equator from a vantage point above the ocean. The colored vertical plane shows the ocean temperature at the Equator from the sea surface down to a depth of 500m. The colored horizontal plane shows the sea surface temperature. The sea surface winds are the light blue vectors. The Ocean currents from the surface to 300m depth are shown by the white vectors. The transparent surface is the 20°C isotherm (water which has the temperature 20°C). The animation frames show monthly values for the last 60 months. All of these data come from the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) network of moored ocean buoys in Equatorial Pacific.


Anonymous said...

Awright Dr. Ralph way to go. Mahalo.

Dr. Ralph said...

Back at ya Anon.

There are quite a few complex and involved animations and charts to choose from.
To me this one was the most user friendly.

garth kemp said...

what this means is NO RAIN

BILL DOE said...

Does Equatorial Pacific include Guam and French Polinesia? Here at Staebuck we have a sizable wager. Thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

Doc--do they have very many deaths at San Onofre because of El Nina or La Nino?

Dr. Ralph said...

The 1969 event took everyone who was there at the time.

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