Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fan No. 10,000,037 of Tubesteak’s Video Blog


@#&^%* said...

Only Carton can take this blog from bad to worse!

Someone bring Murphy back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fan 10,000,037, I'm in
Lodi CA, For some reason there is no playable video from Carton Esq. today. Ergo, I was forced to watch his archives. I'm glad I did because I watched the most hilarious 'Tribute to Tubes' at the dog pound. Folks in the room gave Esq. a "Standing O". I wished you couold hav e seen it. It was BOFFO and SOCKO, you know what that means, I know you do.

=-0 said...

@#&^%* IS MURPHY.

Anonymous said...

=-0, Murphy, as is Spud, is a coomon name for a potato.

Anonymous said...

Esq. You gonna' get folks mo' plenny peace off at tubes, showing white out of white. In the biz they call that 'hold for a lilly'.

[just another anon']

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