Monday, August 17, 2009

Make Them Stop

Image released by The Field Museum in Chicago, shows an Egyptian limestone statue, depicting Michael Jackson, carved during the New Kingdom Period, 1550 BC to 1050 BC.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is Murphy.

(Murphy did disappear about the timeof the death!)

Ono said...

With all those excess commas, Clem, you must be closely related to Murphy.

Clem said...

Mebbe. Mebbe not.

Fats Flannighan said...

just went on the website to rent a campsite at San Mateo, price is now $60.00 per night, that's right, $60.00
per friggin NIGHT, they doubled the price, used to be $34.00 two weeks ago.

Anon' #4 said...

Fatz, if it's too hot in the kitchen get the hell out. To most of us $60.00 is'chump change'. Question, are you and Clem cousins?

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