Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My new friends

As long as we are in the toilet here I would like you to meet my new surfing buddies.
Featured in the top photo is Mega Murph.
In the next photo is Chew Rocket and David New Wave.


tony liar said...

Dr.Ralph, I know you know how they make bock beer, yep they scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

Yoga classes for new surfers now forming at Old Man's today 12:00 PM sharp.

Anonymous said...

Muchisimo mas gracias Doctor, was your film of the buffalo grazing taken on Santa Catalina Island CA?


tony liar said...

What neat names. Were you thinking of Rich Chew and David Nuuhiva by any chance.

anonymous IV said...

Doc Ralph, I honest to gawd have had it with this bunch. I prefer surf reports to making Bock beer. How's by you anyway? Yoga classes-YIKES!

Dr. Ralph said...

My new surf team lives at Camp Pendleton and they have a hole bunch of friends up at Case Springs that are not into surfing.
I didn't say that Tony you did.
Who is Rich Chew anyway?
Anonymous IV, I suppose we will not have any surf reports until Unt gets back in town.

sanctamonious XIV said...

Oh gadzooks, Doctor. Open up
Warshaw's Encyclopedia of Surfing,
Rich is larger than life.
What's the 911 on your surf team. Are they sanctiioned by USSF?

Dr. Ralph said...

Well Nappy Napolian and The Buffalo are going to sponsor us.

unt said...

Unt ain't coming back.

Soupy Sales said...

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Dr.Ralph Jr. said...

Hey Pop, what's your team's nickname?

Anonymous said...

Water's too chilly, I refuse too wear s sissified spring foam suit--no way
Jose, Jose B, Jose C, Jose D....

Anonymous said...

Dr., someone said, "As long as we're in the toilet here...." They should have made that an 'open pit toilet' don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Yo Ralpho, ain't Napoleon and Steamboat old outrigger canoe paddlers/beach boys? Dey real old.

Anonymous said...

I teenk Dr.Ralph meant Buffaloe, but whadda' bout Uncle Sam, Blie, Blackout, and dem blalahs o' what.

Dr. Ralph said...

Well Son are nick name is the Buffalo Chips.

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