Friday, January 08, 2010

Good Weekend Ahead

Severe Weather Alert

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Area 21, ( on Camp Pendleton ) just North of Oceanside Harbor should be ripping.


Anonymous said...

Hello, and good morning, Doctor Ralph. I notice you didn't mention the GWS alert for this weekend. Three of the men in the gray flannel suits were spotted this AM circling the vulnerable San Onofre's Point area. Surfboard riders sometimes mistake playful dolphins's dorsael
fin for a man eater until it's too late. So, there goes your good weekend ahead theory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true. Just now a fellow set up his San OnoFre Shark Warning
Bulky Tee concession at Four Door's.
It is 1000 PST.

Les Williams said...

We need to have a menehune contest.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Williams, there ain't no menehunes left, they're all growed up older fellers trying to recapture that summertime rapture at some nonexistant point.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Williams are there no Legends left, or what?

Anonymous said...

The only one except Carton Esq. that gets resposes on this confounded Blog is Dr.Ralph. What gives, anyways?

p.s. have a nice weekend, guys.

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