Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tritium leak at San Onofre

Sanodaze has always been a somewhat funny blog,
but this is no joke. Severe birth defects and health problems have
plagued the old timers and their offspring for decades. The Tritum leak of 1978 in
reactor #1 has long been suspected as the culprit in these myriad problems.
Pictured here is Ron Clarks grandson, Timmy. Think hard before entering the water
near San Onofre. Although Dr. Ralph is not a REAL Dr. if he were, he would concur.
The "surf" report is this: Surf at your own risk and the risk of your succeding generations of family members.


yogi berra said...

Funny! Real godamn funny! That's exactly how my hands look. I spend time at Bldg.#4, that's what happened to me. Don't blame 'Nofre.

Spellcheck said...


danny person said...

you are not funny. this type of b.s. is not funny. what the hell is wrong with you spincter? making fun of peoples deformities and health challenges is fourth grade humor at best.

missing hand said...

Yeah, Danny I hear ya'. Spincter is a very cruel individual alright.

Anonymous said...

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