Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alleged Members of Anomyous Photographed

These are alleged members of Anomyous at Federal Court in San Jose for arraignments in conjunction with a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) against PayPal, which had been organized in response to PayPal refusing to allow its customers to donate to WikiLeaks. Story here.

Here is an Op-Ed piece about DDoS. Are some DDoS attacks the modern equalivant of a 1960s sit-in?


SOSC 2011 said...

FALSE! Al Gee; Madame President; Lobby Bombard; Vonn Morand; Lord Ga Ga; Brian Ephriam.

Anonymous said...

Please return this hopeless b log tgo surfboard riding before it's too late. Ok yes, get rfid of those worthless logs b locking access to the sand. Paintall
crappers the sasm colour. SOSC BOD must take charge..

Anon #2 said...

What's going on herewith San-O Daze. Who's the leader?


This place needs Mason now. Hr will breath life into this dying beast.

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