Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Women Should Not Surf

They tend to bleed and that attracts sharks.


Anonymous said...

thats a nasty gash if I ever saw one.

Harry Gash said...

BK met a girl at the point the other evening. There was an instant spark between them and she immediately dropped to her knees and laid on the grass at his feet. As they lay there making love, he thought "These Taser guns are well worth the money"

Republican Murphy said...

During his vacation at Martha's Vineyard - President Obama had been slicing off the tee on every hole.
He asks his Scottish caddy if he has noticed any obvious reasons for his poor tee shots, to which the caddy replies:

"Aye, there's a piece of shyt on the end of yer driver."

The President picks up his driver and cleans the club face, at which point the caddy says: "No, the other end."

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