Thursday, September 08, 2011

That Crazy Chick Has Called Me Like 65 Thousand Times

Life imitates exaggerations.

"like 65 thousand times"
"like 65,000 flies"
"like 65 thousand elephants"


Lord's Sweet Dream said...

That's alright, Sy Esq., just make sure she doesn.t call you late for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Well, is this crazy chick, Chick the Plumber? Well, is it or is it not. I think it is.

Larry Coronary Eaq. said...

What the hell is going on with San-O Daze in 2011. This used to be San Onofre surfing times, but no longer. Now I don't know what's up with this Sydney Carton ESQ., But he seems to be out of focus for some reason or other.

Advisory Committee said...

Tsunami warning in effect fo tomorrow's Club contest. Caveat Emmptor until 9/13/2010

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