Friday, November 03, 2006

A Larus occidentalis enjoys his lunch.


this is a real question said...

Can someone please translate this post from Dr. Ralph?
" After reading all of this it occurred to me that, the shoe does not fit and I am not wearing it.
This is not an addmission of mistake, simply a reaction on something at the time.
If you are compelled to make such outlandish comments perhaps you are the one wearing the shoe."

What did this mean? I do not understand it. This is not a joke, or an insult, I just don't understand.

P.S. I love Borat!

Sacha Baron Cohen said...

If jew loved Borat, jew will love BrĂ¼no even more so much!

Worried sick said...

What rock has Murphy been hiding under lately?

Dr. Ralph is Sydney Carton said...

Dr. Ralph is the funniest guy here. He makes these posts where he is all upset and out of control believable! It is obvious that he is posting as his own attackers, but he does it very well. Nobody posts that they are going to ignore the other posters, but then immediately flies into a rage and posts “fuck you” and calls the other guys “assholes,” but when Dr. Ralph does it, he somehow makes it seem believable. I can just imagine him blowing his top and pounding on the computer desk in his home, I mean, if it was real. He’s the best! He’s a genius. He’s the Phil Hendry of the blogging world.

Dr. Ralph is Sydney Carton said...

You missed it.
That incomprehensible gibber is supposed to be Dr. Ralph posting when he is so upset that the can't put a proper metaphor together!
He thinks that he has put together a witty retort, but later realizes that he hasn't, so he goes into a tirade of swearing and vulgar name calling.
Get with it!
He's funny!
It's an act!
It's like Borat!
Why do you think that he uses Borat as his avatar?
How many clues do you need!
Dr. Ralph is putting on a show for us!
It's all Dr. Ralph. He's Dr. Ralph. He's anonymous. He's Sydney Carton, Esq. It's all a put-on for your, and his, amusement.
Enjoy it!
He's funny!

Dr. Ralph is "anonymous" too said...

Or else it's really sad.
But either way, lol!

kanye west hissy fit here said...

Oh, I get it.
It's like Kanye West last night when he jumped on stage when his video didn't get the award for best video of the year and he said, "Fuck this! This video cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons and shit. If I don't win, this award show loses credibility."

puttzle said...

Finally, my Dr. Ralph gets his recognition. Fact is, there is only one person contributing to this blog, How's this: Puttzle=Dingo=Murphy=Dr. Ralph=Sydney Carton, Esq.=Wednesday Addams. Get it?

Dr. Ralph is Kanye West! said...

I get the feed from Europe where they aired this show live. He interrupted the handing of the award to the winners when he stormed on stage and started his swearing. Later, in interviews, Kanye said that his video was "way better" than the one that won and then admitted that he had never seen to one that one, but then went on to say that there was no way that the other video could be better than his anyway.
What an ego.
What an ass.

Puttzle/Murphy/Sydney/Dingo/Wednesday/De Niro said...

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin' to? You talkin' to me? Well I'm the only one here."

Sponge Bob Squarepants said...

Arrrrggghh! He's eating Patrick!!!!

puttzle said...

You got it!

Puttzle/Murphy/Sydney/Dingo/Wednesday/De Niro said...

Its you and me Puttzle.
Dragging this blog out of the gutter and back to the toilet where it belongs..

Dr. Ralph said...

YIKES!! Would somebody open a window?

New shoes for everyone and fresh horse urine all around.

fireman said...

The window's open, and I smell smoke.

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