Wednesday, November 08, 2006


According to, there is only one person in the U.S. named Puttzle. Dingo-zero, Murphy-nada, Dr. Ralph-zilch, Sydney Carton-nothing, Wednesday Addams (note the additional 'd') nope. Oh, and lets not forget the Blog Monitor-goose egg.

So, what does all of this mean? There is simply only one person at the helm, the main man-Puttzle.

If you google Puttzle you get San-O- Daze.


anonymous said...

You missed this one.

A veteran Los Angeles city fire Captain tortured a female acquaintance before he strangled her last summer, an accusation that makes him eligible for the death penalty, according to a Los Angeles County grand jury indictment unsealed in court Wednesday.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Robert Grace said outside court that David Jaime Del Toro broke Jennifer Teresa Flores' nose, jaw and ribs before killing her and dumping her body on a residential street a mile from his Eagle Rock home.

A 23-year department veteran, Del Toro had been the supervisor of Fire Station 1 in Lincoln Heights and had trained firefighters in stress management and prevention of sexual harassment, despite a history of domestic violence allegations against him. The case highlighted the Fire Department's failure to track domestic abuse within its ranks.

Del Toro's former wife said in court papers that he had hit her on numerous occasions in the 1990s. She also said he tried to burn her with a cigarette in 1997, then punched her in the face.

In 2002, Del Toro was charged with misdemeanor violence against a girlfriend, but City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo's office dropped the case. Court papers said the assault on the girlfriend was witnessed by another firefighter who was Del Toro's roommate at the time.

Los Angeles police detectives believe Del Toro strangled Flores at his home on Vincent Avenue, then loaded her body in the back of his Toyota pickup truck. The body fell out while Del Toro was driving and may have been caught on a wheel and dragged for some distance, sources close to the investigation said.

Homicide investigators followed a trail of blood from the body to Del Toro's home, sources said.

carl chessman said...

Hmmmm.... Very interesting.

Brownhole and Anonymous are the same said...

Anonymous just loves those firemen. His obsession is quite obviously of the homosexual nature. Note to Dr. Ralph: Do not bend over to wax your board when anonymous is around as you are the object of his affection.

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