Friday, November 10, 2006

You did not understand then and you still do not. Is this where it all started?

Monday, May 22, 2006


What is a blog? Perhaps a journal of sorts! Daily comments of various accounts by whoever, about whatever.

Maybe it is like a dart board. Everyone has a handful of darts. Some are ground with the precision of a surgical tool. Others are ground with sand paper. While yet some are ground by scrapping them on the concrete to obtain a point. Still others have a rubber tip. Never the less there is a point.

So a precision ground dart is thrown at the board, but from a misguided hand. So it strikes somewhere around the outer edge of the board.

Here comes another dart, ground with sandpaper. However it is thrown with a bit more precision, so it strikes closer to the center of the board.

Here comes yet another dart, the one that was ground to a point on concrete. It was thrown by a very accurate hand and it strikes the center of the board.

Here comes another dart, you know the one with the rubber tip. It is thrown with the highest degree of accuracy, so it too strikes the center of the board. But it lacks ridgidness, so it falls aimlessly to the ground.

Now, you ask, what the heck is the point of all this? Quite simply, keep gathering up your darts and letting them fly. You might even let the entire handful go once in awhile. One of them might even hit the center of the board.

Never the less, it is all in good or healthy fun.


nuts grogan said...

I like playing darts at Big Helyns .It's fun to get wasted and brawl the marines. Good thing Ruben is always there.

Dr. PeePee said...

So is playing with yourself!!!

Fryer Tuck said...

Stay out of the vino.

peter gozinya said...

readingthis makes me want to have my way with you

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