Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Be a responsible Parent.

After all that has been said and done here at San-O-Daze, we have a disgruntled parent. Upset by the fact that little Johnny or Sally viewed something inappropriate on this site.

Last I checked this blog is run by adults and viewed by adults. If your child is looking at this page, (witch does not have a G-rating, if it does it should not) and would certainly be offended, then install a block. I have talked to other parents who have done so. What else are they viewing that you are unaware of?

To my fellow contributors, some things may be inappropriate and can be linked to another page, as you know. Omit all the meaningless links, that nobody cares about and be specific.

To my fellow parents, this is not kindergarten be responsible.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that a parent sent you a message about your blog intead of taking some personal responsibility for letting little Johnny or Suzi see something they shouldn't.

sweet-n-low said...

Oh Please, the only reason that the parent is mad is because the kid has better "bookmarks" then the parents.

If not for my kid, I wouldn't know where all the "good" porn sites are..

Opps, did I say that out loud? Did I also mention my kid is 25yrs old?

Dr. Ralph said...

I like cigars too, Sub.

Eric Cartman (not my real name) said...

I dated a girl from the San Clemente area for like 4 months. We were young and engaged in a variety of positions. She was not shy about anything we did. She was aggressive. She married a guy that also surfs at SanO. One day I see her coming out of the shower area with her now nearly adult daughter. She makes a comment to me that some guy was in there bending over and taking off his wetsuit “with his ball sack hanging out.” She said it was disgusting. She made a face showing her disgust, looking all the world like she’d never see them before. When we were dating, she had done a lot more than just see them. She even made sounds indicating her large pleasure in BLANK-ing them. Many times we took a shower soon afterwards to be sure and wash out her hair because she liked the porn star finish.
So maybe she felt she had to appear disgusted to protect her child. BIG FUCKING DEAL. We must not see male genitalia. It will corrupt the minds of...I don’t fucking know who. But if she wanted to win an Academy award for acting over it, I still say BIG FUCKING DEAL.
If I don’t like what Michael Richards says, I don’t go see him and maybe I write a letter saying he should be censored. If he is censored, BIG FUCKING DEAL. If they don’t censor him, BIG FUCKING DEAL.



Don't censor anything, just have enough common sense to hide the XXX stuff behind a link or use the pixels. Many of us check the site at work through out the day. A penis or other full nudity front and center is NOT what I realy want to have my coworkers or boss or customers catch me looking at as I bring up the page. If you "link" to it then it can be viewed discreetly at an approprate place or time.

sweet-n-low said...

Common Sense, are you actually asking the bloggers to not put up naked pictures because you don't want your boss to see you looking at them?

Please say that's not what you meant. Otherwise that's worse than the disgruntled parent.

Be responsible for your own actions, if you get caught looking at work. Wait until you get home, that's the more appropriate time and place anyway.


Our computers are located for all to see including customers. The boss does not care that we look at San-o daze as he does too! He's just not big on customers walking in on porn! However just clicking on to the site and seeing something that is best not easily viewed by all does push it! Whats the problem with pixels or a link? You can still view your porn, it just requires one simple little extra step. I'll look myself, just at an appropriate time.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back Murphy and Dingo.

I know them both said...

They are both "on assignment".

Men are fucked up in the head said...

At last I understand you Common Sense.
Your boss is a man.
He's offended if you look at an image that has a one-half centimeter image of a flaccid penis in it, but not if you look at naked chicks with silicon boobs two or three times the size of basketballs.
This is because if his virtually all male customer base sees you looking at super hot naked chicks, then you are possibly a lesbian and "that's hot" and will drive up sales, whereas if you are looking at a penis, then Bob and the others are threatened and worry that their penises are small.

moral fiber said...

Common Sense: If that was XXX to your eyes, you don't want to click on this link because the sickos purveying this porno-filth put this 17 feet of so-called-art up on a pedestal so that you can't help but stare at the in-your-face penis. What's worse is that this filth has been replicated in it’s three-times-life size in at least 40 places around the globe. I was shocked when I wandered into a shoppnig mall in Surfer's Paradise (Australia) while the boys went surfing, and the devil-inspired thing was there, staring me in the face, right in public! This world is getting sicker by the minute.

we are God's sheep said...

moral fiber,
If you think that's sick, some nut-job in L.A. erected one at his multi-million dollar home in Han-COCK park, and when his neighbors complained, he put up 16 more of them in his courtyard and then welded wrought iron letters on is iron gate spelling out “YOUNG WOOD Court" because of the 15 naked penises staring the passer-bys in the face from his courtyard.

The Client said...

I walked into Sydneys office and found him looking at gay porn. Fortunatly I was charged with weeney wagging at trail 6 so I knew he was the one for me.

sweet-n-low said...

Common Sense,

Along with my 25yr old I have an 8yr old. As much as I love getting on this site, as a responsible parent I wait until my 8yr old leaves the room. Why? you ask. Because it's my responsibility to protect him from my adult world until he is ready to become an adult.

It's not the bloggers responsibility to do the extra steps in order for my 8yr old to not view sexually explicit material. If it was, I would be going after them for my child support rather than my ex-husband!

Common sense, take my advice unless you're actually only 5yrs old be an adult and just be responsible for your own actions. If you and your boss don't want your clients to see what's on this site. Than refrain from taking a little sneaky peek until your customers leave the room. Or better yet just wait until you get home so that you can do what ever it is you do that is so offensive to your customers. Because it sure isn't the pictures that are offensive.

Mr. Responsible said...

Hey sweetie...Common Sense does make some sense, you know!

sweet-n-low said...

Mr. Responsible, does that mean you'll be sending me my child support check? Because I'm not getting a dime from ex. Because if I'm not responsible for what my kid sees, eats, reads or anything else than that means someone else is.

Believe me, I've been a single parent for the better part of my adult life. Anyone who knows me knows I can debate you on this all day, and you won't win.

Common Sense makes no sense, the only thing that makes sense is to be responsible for your "own" actions.

Wendy Thomas said...

Now I understand.

Dr. Phil said...

Common Sense:

Try not licking the screen and moaning while the customers are in the room.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the ex won't send a check. You make know sense!

paying attention said...

Help me with the math here Sweet-N-Low:

Two marriages or one marriage and a boyfriend or only married to the fathers briefly? -- relatively speaking that is.

Cause otherwise it doesn't add up to the better part of your adult life.

I guess I am just courious. If it's too personal, don't answer.

Anonymous said...

Stop posting pictures of my home in hancock park!

Leave my activities at Trail 6 out of this!

~~ Sydney Carton, Esq.

Duh said...

Hey Sweetie, the last time I looked at a porn site (that was as of yesterday), I had to enter past a cover page. See! One extra step. No big deal. It's called responsiblity!

sweet-n-low said...

2 ex husbands, brief marriages.
2 boys 25yr old, & 8yr old.
My age... 45

Not stooping to the level of anonymous.


paying attention said...

Thanks sweet-n-low!

P.S. Third time is the charm ;)

Anonymous said...

Yup. I just checked all my porn sites too. Sure enough I either have to say I'm over 18, give my birthdate, or click to enter. The first 2 can obviously be faked, but the point is that the porn is usually veiled beyond the initial page. And doing that here would be a problem because?????

not a prude just responsible said...

If you want to see PORN, go to a porn site. SanO-Daze was not meant to be one! Sorry Dr., but we should not have to block this blog from young people, it was made up for fun to go with San Onofre and surfing, some pictures can be fun as long as they do not offend. If they offend, they don't belong.

Another charter reader said...

I kind of like the R rated stuff myself (restricted without parent or guardian). Please keep the X stuff hiiden, though.

The Critic said...

PUTTZLE=the reasonable one.
MURPHY= MIA. where is he?
DINGO=way out there, but interesting.
DRRALPH=needs direction, make take drugs.
SYDNEY=waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on his hands.
WEDNESDAY=identity crisis.
THE BLOG MONITOR=needed to save this blog!

Dr. Ralph said...

Does anybody, (besides me) wonder why Dingo's computer crashed?

Dr. Ralph said...

Well Critic, do I make drugs or do I take drugs? Neither, direction you need to learn how to read.

Jules Winfield said...

To the Critic:
Allow me to retort, Brett.
If you must kiss Puttzle’s ass, do it in an email, not on the blog.
You managed to repeat yourself as to Murphy, yet used only four words. You must be a genius.
Make up your mind as to Dingo. Insult him or praise him. Piss or get off the pot. Fish or cut bait. See how annoying it is when someone repeats themselves?
You attack only Dr. Ralph. This reveals your other identity.
In re your analysis of lawyer Sydney: No duh.
If Wednesday has an identity crisis, so does Puttzle. Wake up and smell the hibiscus.
If you don’t really have anything to say about someone, like the Blog Monitor, don’t say something inane just to fill space, and if you must kiss his ass, do it in an email, not on the blog. See how annoying it is when someone repeats themselves?

Paco said...

Hola Puttzle e amigos.
El otro día iba yo dando un paseo en barco por internet y me encontré con Dingo y con su gran simpatía mandó un saludo para todos los estupentaásticos que visitan este web blog.

Ralph, Potsy and the gang at Arnolds said...

1. Anonymous at 4:24 PM
2. not a prude just responsible at 5:05 PM
3. Another charter reader at 5:14 PM

1. You are one person.
2. Stop posting the same whining three times.
3. For the love of God, get a life.

did you mean "farter member"? said...

"Another charter reader"
Is that like the woman who thinks she invented the social welfare program because she got in line first for her free handout?

Band Wagon said...

1. Anonymous
2. not a prude just responsible
3. Another charter reader

That guy's right.

1. You’re
2. An
3. Idiot.

puttzle said...

Interesting dialog.

A little background for the uninitiated: I, Puttzle, started this blog on my own and it was strictly surfing oriented. In my infinite wisdom, I invited a few friends to join in as I was moving away. That changed the direction of this blog. Do I like it? Not really, but it is what it is.

As someone pointed out, when visiting porn sites, you must acknowledge that you are over 18. There is an extra layer of protection. At least that is what I have heard.

Showing boobies is one thing. Correct me if I am wrong, I don't recall any of us posting full frontal nudity, man or woman.

Thank you all for listening.

Dr. Ralph said...

Wow! Unt.

trying to help said...

You have a dilemma. The posters want to post the pictures. You want to look at them, but you don’t want to get “caught” by your boss or customers looking at them. Get a privacy screen. They’re cheap. I have them on all my computers, including laptops. It prevents your problem of getting caught. Even on a plane, the guy next to you can’t see what’s on your screen. I supply them on all the computers and laptops my employees use. Studies show that not seeing everyone else’s work in the office place decreases distraction and increases productivity.

Doesn't get it said...

The picture offended you because it had a penis? And what is it about that penis in that picture that was so offensive?
I did not see it before it was covered by pixels. What was wrong?

Judge Judy said...

You are correct, Sir!
You don't RECALL any of you posting full frontal nudity, man or woman, on this site!
We love you Puttzle. Memory and all. :-)

puttzle said...

Ah schitt, so my memory ain't what it used to be! I invited people to "correct me if I am wrong" and boy did you. It has been pointed out to me that there have been other instances of full frontal nudity, right here on San-O Daze. I must have been away and not seen them.

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