Sunday, December 03, 2006


U.S.C. Lost to U.C.L.A., this generated some good comments. A condom explodes on Dingo, this also created some great comments.

However there is something lacking here, Dingo's grossness. So in the absence of the master of grossness here is perhaps something that he might say.Explain this one! A must see!


Amnesia victim said...

That's nothing, I saw Bobby Lombard do the same thing with a baggie , that was back in the eighties so no one remembers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way,
I'm not really anonymous.
I'm was just filling in while Dingo is away.

Kwai Chang Caine said...

You have learned well, grasshopper.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

I saw Harry Anderson do this trick live, without at camera cutting away from the face after apparently swallowing the coin, as in this video/film. Also, there is some editing in this film presentation. Anderson’s illusion was, to me, much more realistic. Street magicians can be quite talented, but this one, like David Blaine, seems to use camera tricks rather than (as opposed to "in addition to" IMO) purely skillful manipulation, clever misdirection, and proper preparation of quality props.

But, speaking as to Anderson’s presentation, it was when you see what is apparently the coin moving under the skin along the arm (this is entertaining and the compelling misdirection) - actually a layer of fake skin with a movable coin shape (not a real coin as it is actually much thinner than a quarter), that the coin is removed from his mouth (oh, surprise, he did not swallow it). It could also be removed later when the performer pulls back after the initial cut to reveal the edge of the coin, if one so chose.

The coin, upon removal from the mouth, is then palmed for the finale, when, after appearing to cut into his skin (the fake skin) there is fake blood added through the knife (this guy uses a special box cutter rather than a special knife) - fake blood from the knife/box cutter is a better technique than having the fake blood under the fake skin.

At that part of the skin (near the wrist), he "cuts" into the prop revealing the edge of a fake coin and a little fake blood around it - all of which, again, comes from the cutter he uses. He then appears to remove the coin, but of course, doesn’t actually remove anything as it is a prop of skin with only the edge of a fake coin he has "cut" into with the blood, again, added through the cutter.

Instead of pulling out the fake coin in the prop (again, which actually he can’t do because the skin and the coin edge prop are a single molded piece, and, anyway, if he did, he would then have two coins in that hand), he then reveals the coin he has palmed - smeared with blood (he already had the box cutter containing the fake blood in the same hand as the coin he palmed after removing it from his mouth) and, of course, the audience member’s initials are on that formerly palmed coin.

I thought that I would add my two cents, even though Dr. Ralph could probably figure out a better way to put it off.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

Oops, I meant "pull" it off.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dr. Ralph is so vonder-ball.

Shut up you stupid old Kraut lawyer.

Dr. Ralph said...

Actually, well said Sydney. Your description of events is nearly word for word of what I was about to say. The difference being, mine contained a little less satirical wit and an attempt at humor. Pay no attention to Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I understnad your insult to the lawyer, doc.
I don't think he did however.

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