Monday, December 25, 2006

Is it El - Nino, or an El - Fizzo?

Recently the National Weather Service has been keeping tabs on an El-Nino condition, that has been in developmental stages. However, they are now saying that it may be weakening.

With the recently developing storms, forming in the Gulf of Alaska and the jet stream still riding to the north,( coupled with the lack of any southern jet stream influence) that we may continue to remain in drought conditions.

I think that beginning next month, the Northern Jet Stream will dip southward and the Southern Jet will rise up and give us above normal rain fall for the season. About seventeen inches or so.


Joey Doppler said...

And you received your degree in meteorology where?

Anonymous said...

Joey, I received my degree the same place you obtained yours. Always check your grammar. You should know (I know you don't) before you send your critique.

Monalisa said...

trails was nice

Dr. Ralph said...

From a box of cracker jacks Joey, you idiot. Thank you very much Monalisa.

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