Friday, February 23, 2007

First came the butt-boarders. Then the kayaks. Recently the stand-up guys or "sweepers". And now this!


miising one arm said...

Yes, that's the water at Sano for sure.

monica said...

Does it come in white or only brown?

Fruit Loop said...

I wants a biiiiig black one!

queen laiffe said...

Lemm'e have some!

pissed off hot dog said...

Can anyone tell me why hot dog buns are not sliced eaqually down the middle?

hoffy said...

Exceptional question, Pissed Off. Probably, because the weinies ar curved. I guess.

where are you guys? said...

I guess all you guys died and went to who knows where?

reverb said... the first visual impact I saw poo...

Dr. Kevorkian said...

Where is Dr. Too?


Post or get off the pot!


Wednesday Addams
Sydney Carton, Esq.
The blog monitor

puttzle said...

The pots more fulfilling right now...

Milay said...

Ah, could I lay me down in this long grass
And close my eyes, and let the quiet wind
Blow over me,—I am so tired, so tired
Of passing pleasant places! All my life,
Following Care along the dusty road,
Have I looked back at loveliness and sighed;
Yet at my hand an unrelenting hand
Tugged ever, and I passed. All my life long
Over my shoulder have I looked at peace;
And now I fain would lie in this long grass
And close my eyes.

Moon Phase