Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Police called to a San Clemente man's house discovered the mummified remains of the resident, dead for more than a year, sitting in front of a blaring television set.

The 59-year-old San Clemente, resident, identified as Dr. Ralph, appeared to have died of natural causes. Police said Saturday his body was discovered Tuesday when they were called to the house over a burst water pipe.

"You could see his face. He still had hair on his head,"San Clemente Sun Post quoted morgue assistant Wednesday Addams as saying. The home's low humidity had preserved the body.

Officials could not explain why the electricity had not been turned off, considering Dr. Ralph had not been heard from since December 2005.

Neighbors said when they had not seen Dr. Ralph, who was diabetic and had been blind for years, they assumed he was in the hospital or a long-term care facility.


Kyle Broflovski said...

You bastards! You killed Dr. Ralph.

brand "A" said...

The jig is up, Unt.

Sweet-N-Low said...

Can I hsve his T.V.?

R.I.P Doc, you will surely be missed.

that stinks said...

Dr. 2:
You smell like number 2.
Try something original you jerk off.
Leave Ralph alone.

pretty boy said...

Is this going to bring back the voodoo doll or more posts about killing or injuring anonymous?

blue, green or red? said...

Yes, bring back the voodoo doll!!!

red white and blue said...

Where is Sydney Carton?
Did he get a stocking full of lumps of coal for Christmas or something? He hasn't been heard from this year.

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