Thursday, February 15, 2007

San-O Daze criticized for drunk boating scene

San Clemente (Reuters) - A blog was formally reprimanded on Wednesday for a video link which showed a man repeatedly swearing and drinking beer while driving a motorboat and then telling children they should behave like him.
The Council on American Decency was particularly unhappy that San-O Daze had posted the video link at 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning, when children were most likely to be web browsing.
The offending segment from an action sports show called "BigAssDrunk" showed a man called Rick driving a boat which contained a cooler filled with beer.
Rick was then seen drinking from a beer can while at the wheel. Later on he addressed "boys and girls" and told them in expletive-filled comments that if they were as smart as he was, they could live the same way as he did.
"The (council) considers that his outlandish and illegal antics driving a boat while drinking are utterly inappropriate for a non-adult audience," the council ruled.
"He was seen grinning and smirking each time he took a sip of his alcoholic beverage. Moreover, there was no component of the program that served to point out that Rick's behavior was illegal and dangerous," it said.
San-O Daze -- which now has apologized on line twice -- admitted it had made a mistake by posting the video link without checking it first. Rick’s behavior had been "crude and inexcusable," it added.


Anonymous said...

No comment, thanks!

Karl Loggerfield said...

Well of course he was yelling and swearing, you have to on a powerboat because of the decibel level. However, on a sailboat.....either way,suds are a fact of life on a boat. Tell those kids to get back in class or the truant officer will get'em.

Alfred E. Neuman said...

If it does'nt have something about Dr. Ralph or Cartoon, esq. Why read it?

Pancake man said...

If there is no pictures why read it?

contractor said...

I like this story for two reasons:
1. Any story that brings out comments involving Dr. Ralph is worth reading, and
2. The comments actually have something to do with surfing for a change.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Should this not be on the San Clemente Police Blotter? Like the dude says, shouldn't this be on
stupid is as stupid does. I'm just not sure no longer.

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