Saturday, November 10, 2007

Famous "Duke of Uke" Cat Dies at 99

Bill Tapias cat was born in 1906, That means the black cat is 99 years old and was born before the model t was invented.
Baby's age will be recognized by Cat Fancy magazine in its December 2007 issue.
The cat's owner, Bill Tapia, of Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii., recently entered him in the magazine's oldest cat contest.
After 99 years of caring for the long-lived cat, Bill said he was beginning to think that Baby would outlive his owner.
Bill, Who's 100th birthday will be on 1-1-2007 will be re-recognized as the worlds oldest traveling musician.
Bill readily admits the cat was involved in an experimental process to extend it's life and later the science was halted due to it's implications for the faulty science at it's creation, but it has been a great run for the cat (and Bill) Bill Can be heard Playing to the masses at the North Beach area near Ole Hanson Beach club where pico meets the sand in beautiful North San Clemente, Ca. on Wednesdays during the summer.


pico and sepulveda said...

Good Stuff, Arch.

sfv said...

REMEMBER, Duke of Uke, do you recall Duke the Kook?

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