Thursday, November 01, 2007

more helicopter update.......

This was the view from the back of the aircraft, where my kind still have to ride.


Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

That swell arrived early at the Point.

hillary said...

What Point? There sin't no Point, What is it you folks don't understand. There is no Point.

bpk. nyoman gede said...

that is correct hillary, there is no point to your miserable sycophant existence, you are a piece of crap, and will do anything and say anything to get, and hold on to power, Dog Chapman would make a better president than you, by the way, the point's new name : Howards Butt, get the point?

h. buttz said...

BPK, what do you not understand about there is no point. Please help us on this one.

Pointless said...

The point
is that if you say
"the Point,"
people get
the point
that you are talking about
the Point.
They know where
the Point
is, so it is
the Point.
Arguing about it misses
the point.
I get
the point
you make that
the Point
is not actually
a point
but if you know what
the Point
is when I say
the Point,
then you have got
the point of
my point.

mata hari said...

Pointless, way back in previous times San Onofre youths rode cut doen boards with inomarus painted on the board's nose. Yhe Nippnese influence promppted the name Kamikaze point. You had no idea about that did you. Nope, I didn't think so.

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