Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shark Warning Ignored

William Loman II. Was attacked and died yesterday
evening at the Point, San Onofre , CA.
White Sharks have been spotted In the area
for the last weeks and surfers ignored warnings by
the park rangers to be on their guard. It appears the
resident seagulls were feeding on the remains for the
hours prior to the discovery of his body. "Willy" as he was affectionately
known, was a local salesman and is survived by his wife Linda.
We'll miss you buddy!


peter gozina said...

This Blog sucks, I can not beleive the shit I see on here

Don Craig said...

I have been surfing the Point since 1951 and I never saw this guy, It is obviously a fake intended to scare the real men like me.

avid reader said...

Archy: Pleaze adjust your settings so that you post the picture bigger in its link - if you got a bigger one - as I can't make it out.

archy rice said...

Mine is small, I used to get teased in the locker room in high school, but I've dealt with all that in therapy and it's time to just move on. Willy was a good friend and he will be missed. Please people, realize there are sharks at San onofre, surf 204 or Riviera, it's a better wave, and NO Sharks!

Mr. Magoo said...

I'm going to Walmart to get the biggest magnifying glass available. I really can't comment until I can see the thing.

records keeper said...

For some reason surfers forget Willy Lomann was a close friend and classmate of Elroy Lang. He was near 71 years of age. Both he and Willie were cassmates at Mira Costa High School at Manhattan Beach CA. It is unclear who Don Craig is, however, someone should notify him there is no point at San Onofre Beach litteraly or figuretivly.

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