Friday, November 09, 2007

San Onofre Turtle

On my morning walk down by where I caught the dynaleopper last week, I found this malformed turtle, Draw your own conclusions, but the trash problem is significant, San onofre is no longer suitable for children or parents to enjoy. San Clementes "north" beach is much better and is paved AND a 7-11 convienence store is there for ice cream. Ample parking, AND no deformed animals...Archy


TOM said...

Alright Archie, North Beach sounds happening, far more than that aniquated poor San Onofre. North Beach has 5 star beef n' bean burritos, unlike San Onofre where they all sit in hhe vehicle, hiding so they wont have to share their lousy bolo sandwich. 'Nofre has ample parking if you want to sit in yoUr ride two hours, stick in line. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

tom: did they replace the 7/11 payphones, do you know? love your sanodaze, but is that sweet and low for real or what anyways.

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