Saturday, November 10, 2007

John Wayne's America

Animals aren't being tortured, and there aren't any naked girls.

I'm proud to be an american, appreciative for my freedom. Most of all gratefull to those who have fought and are currently fighting. So I can have the freedom to just be me.

So why do I love her, because I can. :)


O.J.Simpson said...

Aw, S&L, You're a patriot all right, and you should be darn proud of it.

Sweet-N-Low said...

O.J. aren't you due in court, again? You're going away for a very long time.

I have only two words for you
"Al Capone".


barry schect said...

I can't see why, actually I'm as innocent as the fresh driven snow. Btw, you look just like Marcia Clark.

Jan-Michael Vincent said...

I'll drink to that, Sweet!

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