Thursday, September 07, 2006

Talegalite Kite Fliers Attack Ranger

One of The blog
monitor's cameras
captured this image of
Ranger Ephraim's first
attempt to stop
the Talegalite
kite fliers at SanO.

Mistaking him for a
lawyer, the Talegalites
lassoed his feet and flew
him into the wind vane. He
hung there for five hours
until he was rescued by
the San Onofre Chapter
of the ACLU, who
apparently also thought
that Ranger Ephraim was
a fellow lawyer.


shakespeare said...

I say that if he looks like a lawyer, that's reason enough to kill him.

You are correct, Sir! said...

FYI, it's Ranger EphrIAm.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

They told me that this is Ranger Ephraim and this is Ranger Ephriam.

you are correct, sir! said...

You are correct, sir!

U still got it wrong said...

He's taller than that.

manfred man said...

"Kites" always rmeinds me of that scene from Porky's:

Tim: Anybody wanna go fly a kite with me tonight? I hear it's great weather for flying KITES! I wonder if there's any KITES around here we can fly!

Brian Schwartz: Hey listen,
Cavanaugh. It's not kite, it's KIKE! K-I-K-E, "kike." You know, you're too stupid to even be a good bigot!

f - - king secret poster said...

It's all about the f - - king kites.

skinny pete said...

That was him, but he has lost weight on the mayor's fish diet.

lynch mob said...

Hang that naked mayor guy.

Read Tubesteaks' dairy said...

I meant dIAry.

blimpy on a raft said...

I'm trying to have my lunch here.

The wife whipped up a couple of montagues with some philly cheese.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

Better than having the President as a reader.

Chuck Bukowski said...

I just had a bologna montague and now I'm thirsty.

Rosa Parks said...

I see definite racial undertones here. While a smiling, obviously white Ranger Ephriam is shown, the colored Ranger Ephraim is shown strung up. Shame on you.

stinky pete said...

YeS RoSa,

u aRe CoRReCT Ma’aM!

aND THe ReaSoN He iS FRoWNiNG iS BeCauSe He iS CoLoReD. iF i WaS CoLoReD, i WouLD FRoWN Too.

Ask Babs said...

From what I hear, the mayor is HUNG!

a lurker said...

If I dIdn't knOw bEttEr, stInkY, I'd vEntUrE A gUEss As tO yOUr IdEntItY.

Anonymous said...

headline should have been:

Anonymous gets a San-O Dazer off his back.

Perry White said...

"Anonymous gets San-O Dized"

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