Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good as New

The wind vane at The Point is clean of all kite string, the before picture in Dr.Ralph's post shows the vane with the kite attached, this is the after picture taken this morning after the cleaning.

Please Don't fly kites near the wind vane!


the windvane is an eyesore said...

Please remove the windvane from our kite flying area.

you're a twit said...

Windvane is an Icon of San Onofre.

Anonymous said...

The butt boarders are talking about a kite flying contest at the point, they are going to invite the standup paddlers' and have a great time with all the folks from tupperware bay.

See you there next Sunday!!

Your flying kite friends

charles manson said...

I flew my school bus up there last week

thinker said...

The windvane and the other privately constructed decorations should be removed. It is a public beach. These private decorations only increase territorialism and bad vibes.

stinker said...

Did you actually use "territorialism" and "bad vibes" in the same sentence?

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