Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trouble Brewing.


Dr. Ralph said...

Do you mean llantas Wednesday?

Another Anonymous said...

Dear Wednesday:

Now you know what you can expect to deal with when you call on the Orange County Fire Authority for assistance. You get the likes of Doctor Ralph.

If you read the other anonymous' posts and the links, you know that the Fire Captains are among those causing fire departments to be sued for sexual harassment, and those that aren't harassing women are harassing little children, or get caught with child pornography on the department's computers.

Yes, they are our heroes at work. And even here on a blog, in time, their true colors show.

I will say this, there is little more entertaining than a former Fire Captain using a doctor moniker who claims he's a hero.

One day we'll look into the circumstances of why he's a "former" Fire Captain.

red tide said...

Get over it.
Everyone gets shit from Dr. Ralph.
Usually about once every four weeks, he goes on a tyrate for 5 days.

puttzle said...

Red Tide said:
"Get over it.
Everyone gets shit from Dr. Ralph.
Usually about once every four weeks, he goes on a tyrate for 5 days."

Is Dr. Ralph a member of another blog? I don't recall Dr. Ralph "giving everyone schitt" or him "going on a tirdae for 5 days" on anybody but anonymous.

As for 'another anonymous': Look, you can find people as you described the fire captains, in any line of work. Watch Dateline and you will see. What kind of work do you do? Let us know so we can see if there are any of those kind of shenanigans in your industry.

Dr. Ralph Fan said...

Dr. Ralph makes this blog complete. Will those that are jealous of him please get over it!

Dr, Keith Show said...

Dr. Ralph is to this blog as John Marr Karr is to little girls.

Anonymous said...

As for his kind of work, who cares?
The difference is that we anonymouses don't claim to be heroes just because we get overpaid to ride on a fire engine.

reader said...

Who is claiming to be a hero?

observer said...

Anonymous, you must have had an abusive childhood.

anonymous you are really off your rocker said...

In either case Wed. You just get new ones.

u go girl said...

Obviously, the solution is simple.
You kick them in the tires or testicles, which ever they have.
Repeat as necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Well, I am to my kids said...

I'm a hero!

sweet-n-low said...

I've always heard that most abusive people will project their own inner personality on to those whom they are jealous of. An alcholic will put everyone down for drinking. A wife abuser will blame his wife for "making him hit her" A drug attic will volunteer for "just say no" and call the homeless loosers.

Well from what I've been reading It's not the good dr/or former fire captain that has the problem. Seems to me that for over a month all Anonymous can talk about in any extent is child molastation. And his jealousy of our most respected men. The ones that will run into a burning building rather than run out.

What hard on do you have for Doctor Ralph. From what I saw of the picture he posted of him and his son Brad. Seems to me he's one nice looking man, with a great looking son.

I come to San O Daze to have a good time reading fun shit being slung all over. But you ANONYMOUS crossed the line when you attacked our firefighers. You just lucky that I didn't read that at the time of posting. So be glad all you got was a tounge lashing from Dr. Ralph, because it PISSed me off to.

Grow up anonymous, I have an 8yr old that doesn't thow as many temper tantrums as you do.

I welcome your attack, because I'll put money on this. I've been attacked by much bigger and badder than you and I'm still alive to talk about it.

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