Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You drive all the way to San Onofre and realize you've forgotten your trunks. What do you do? Borrow the wife's, of course!


Anonymous said...

Reining Queen of the homo-erotic posts.

Staright Male said...

Hey Anon! Dingo said the guy is married. Homo-ism is in the eye of the beholder!

Allen Funt, Jr. said...

Oh, Anonymous is just upset that Dingo got a picture of him.

Dr. Keith Show said...


Who said this on his beliefs about the sexuality of children, Dingo or John Mark Karr?

"If they want to come up to me, sit on my lap, kiss me and stick their tongue in my mouth, then if that's what they want to do, I've got two choices: to say stop and traumatize them because they wanted to do it. OK, they're allowed to take their tongue and lick an ice cream cone and they want that ice cream and I'm sorry to say that ice cream's probably worse for their health than my tongue is."

Dingo good said...

To compare Dingo to John Mark Karr is wrong, Dr. Keith Show. How come you are so informed of JMK's remarks?

Stating the Obvious said...

Dr. Keith and Anonymous who are one and the same seem to have a fascination and obsession with those of the gay and child mollesting persuasions!

DR. KeiTH said...

I feel like the patient, viewing the ink blots and finding each to be sexual in nature, upon which the psychiatrist says to the patient, "you seem to have an obsession with sex,"

to which the patient says:
"Me? You're the one with all the dirty pictures doc!"

Judge Judy said...

I cannot side with Dr. Keith on this one.

A review of Dingo’s recent posts does not reveal a demonstrable obsession with child pornography such that said obsession would be a verifiable clinical diagnosis.

For example, in reviewing August through October, we find the following pictures posted by Dingo:

- smiling plump naked man holding fish
- man squiring diarrhea into woman’s face
- two male photographers with erections
- nude man poised to have sex with dead whale’s blow hole
- man in bikini brief
- smiling shirtless plump old man with funny glasses
- dog sniffing genitals
- smiling plump old man wearing towel on head
- women puking
- homeless old man showing the bird
- young Asian girl licking goat’s anus
- man with “I love cock” sunburned on his back
- inflatable sex doll
- instructional poster on wiping the anus

and what he undoubtedly defends as humorous anecdotes on the following:

- sodomizing animals and masturbation
- Dr. Ralph licking his testicles

Therefore, as disturbing as his personality profile may be, I must rule that Dingo cannot be confined against his will in the state mental hospital. Mr. Carton, your client is free to go.

Bailiff, I’m ready for the case of Mr. Anonymous.

Katie Couric said...

"My take on him is this guy is more than a little off" -Today host Matt Lauer, stating the incredibly obvious

reader said...

If the purpose of this blog is to create controversy, it has defiantly done that.
In most cases controversy is a good thing. However, when it comes to Dr. Keith and Anonymous, they seem to have a lot of hate in them.

curious said...

Did anybody actually see dr.ralph lick his nuts?

Nurse Ratchett said...

I've seen Dr. Ralph lick his nuts many times. He is especially fond of cashews.

I peeked while Dingo slept said...

Be thankful that Dingo tones it down when posting here. You should see what's on the zip drive he never lets out of his sight!

I pee'd while dingo slept said...

Urinals rule!

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