Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The New Surf Hotel at San Onofre

When construction of the new toll road is complete, the State Park Service is going to replace the shack at Old Mans with this new modern Surf Hotel! There won't be any rooms for guests, but there will be 27 banquet rooms for parties, with no permits reqired, it will be first come first served. And there will be plenty of RV and Trailor parking which will allow, pop-outs and awnings and you can run your generators all day and don't forget to bring your dogs they can run free off leash and you won't even be required to control them! You will also be able to save parking spots for all your friends. Just tell the gate guard your here to party at the Surf Hotel and you will be admitted into the surf beach FREE! Once you are in the park, just follow the big neon signs to the "SURF HOTEL"!

Oh! And lets not forget the Tatoo Parlor and the Brothel, which will be hosted by the crew at bathroom 4!

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sk[p said...

I sure hope they donate the "Old Man's Shack to the Oceanside Museum. That'd keep it in the County. Go for it Donna!

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