Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chicken Nuggets For Sale At Local Pet Shop


sissy boy said...

So what's the deal, schlemiel. This once was a surfing blog, que paso? Chicken nuggets, urine problems, can't San-O Daze get anything right? If I were Puttzle I'd schitt a brique sideways.

Anonymous said...

Sal Geez is back. He vows when appointed San Onofre Surfing Club as President, he will take $40,000.00 and throw the Bud Lite Party of the century . Don't think Sal is gone. He's back, and he's back larger than life. We're casting our vote for him alright.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Murphy. Only you can save this blog by posting something either San Onofre or surf related.

The others have lost direction and Syd has done "none of the above" for months now.

Just make sure you size it correctly!

colonel urinal sanders said...

I look upon the silly duck,
I kick the ground, I eat, and cluck,
I keep an eye out for the hawk,
and give my warning call bak-bawk!

But this time we are all in luck,
the predator catch only muck,
the other hens stand there and gawk,
I tell them run, but they just balk.

The chicken hawk is no more stuck,
that bird of prey he ain't no schmuck,
will he forever this place stalk,
and will we chickens always squawk?

point regulars said...

Enough of Murphy, he's gone. We cast our vote for Sal Geeze.

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