Friday, October 31, 2008

THE POINT gets a new LifeGuard tower!


Anonymous said...

'Murphios the Surfious', F.Henry was instramental in having that wonderful blue tower installed at *point*. F.Henry wants it named Tower 16 in honor of Baywatch, F.Henry's favorite show. F.Henry thought he shoulda' played Hobie, Mitch's son.

[anon HB]

f. henry ford said...

Well of course there's new towers you dummies! There's going to be so many people out at The Point next week during my $$contest$$ that State code requires high-level fully staffed blue towers when over 3000 people are expected to occupy any break within a 12 hour period!


f. henry ford said...

Oh and wait till you see the 3/4 mile of Rose-parade type grandstands to be constructed starting Monday. That will strtch from The Point to Dogaptch.

Aren't I a great guy?

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