Friday, October 10, 2008

Drill Alaska


papa woody said...

To: Hope This Isn't Deleted:

Don't be a fool. I have told you one way you can tell. It is a simple way, but there are other ways. I'm not giving lengthy internet lessons here, nor do I wish to share that information with those who can - or can't - figure it out for themselves. If you’ve seen that comments were deleted from the blog yourself, what are you arguing about? In Murphy’s post entitled “I SURRENDER, OMG, I SURRENDER! LOL," you can see the reply of "anonymous" to a comment from "USED BIKE." “USED BIKE’s” comment is, however, not visible anymore because it was deleted.

oh, honey said...

Papa Woody, what a strange name, but it's either or. Murphy knows he's sinking and sinking fast He needs help. You know, he's not getting any younger is he?
Regardless, or irregardless, that USED
BIKE bit was days ago.

Anonymous said...

HI my name is anonymous and I'm GAY!

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