Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tubesteak Kills New Puppy

Tubesteak's VBLOG has suffered many glitches in the past and this one just added insult to injury.


mike hunt said...

Spin Evans, in his day Tubes has never been confronted with four legged animals, specificly new born puppies that should be in a shelter. He's noticed all beach dogs do is snarl at him, and you know which ones.

Anonymous said...

That don't mean he has to kill the li'l fella'.


Anonymous said...

Lordy, Spin, it appears Tubes, Mike, and the nameless dog are playing a repeat of the final verse of 'Buick '59', you know ,"Uh, Oh, I done run out of gas.".You remrmber the Medallions, don't you?


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