Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Preparing for this years festivities, the DLSA longboard
team. Uncertain of the relationship between
Mark, Katie Calkins, and Rubio, (well known Point local)
It is unclear who will actually be judging, but the outcome is certain.


Anonymous said...

Rubio? Is he an illegal alien? Sounds like it to me.

Rev. Lou Spincter said...

Rubio, is actually spanish, a few steps above mexican but not quite european. He surfs in a really weird style and always wears an unfastened "beavertail" to look cool However, he still looks a bit odd and out of place at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Youse guys are way nutz. You have a contest, pay the judges, then throw out the high and low judges.
Always follow what they tell you to do. Savvy? Okay.

Julio Mendoza Lopez said...

If that's Ralph in the back row wearing black, is he giving the phone call or coffee break.

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