Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Creator Steve Mann demonstrates the new "Standing Foil Board"
at San Onofre. "it is a concept who's time has come." With the popularity
of stand up surfing and kayaking, this is "a natural extension" of those two
disciplines coupled with outrigger canoe riding.


Anonymous said...

Rev, I heard about the contraption, but I'm sure
pleased you had the moxie to post an illustration. Thank you.

Capt. Ahab said...

That San Onofre old feller gonna' be eaten alive head-first by a GWS if he don't watch his step. To a beast, that shiny contraption looks lika a lure swimming around. I don't know whats wron with you peple.

Anonymous said...

was wron wid us?

Anonymous said...

That looks like Keefer again.

Jaws said...

Ahab, when was the last time a human was devoured headfirst by a
maneater at 'Nofre. I've not seen an incident, and I hope it doesn't happen to me.

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