Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Known Universe

The Known Universe video* zooms out from Tibet to the limits of the observable universe and then back. You can watch in HD (select 720p and full screen).

*I do worry that I may be encroaching upon the purview of Dr. Ralph by posting this highbrow material, but hopefully he'll be okay with it.


Anonymous said...

Well, finally. Sometinngg of interest Thank you and your crew Esq. Three thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

Ain't not never going to glass off ever. No way.


Hermonie Granger said...


Dr. Ralph said...

Kudos to you Sydney, I had this book marked to use down the road and you have upstaged me which is perfectly alright. This is simply just to good not to share.

respectfully, Doc

Anonymous said...

RIP Mike Marshall

Anonymous said...

MARSHALL'S DEAD, OH NO. HE WAS SO YOUNG. i hope he wasn't surfboard riding on a longer board.

serious request said...

That's sad, and meaning no disrespect whatsoever, but I know very few people at San Onofre, could you tell us a little about him? Thank you.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

Thanks Doc.

It did seem like the kind of educational science piece that you would bring us. Like you, I first saw it a while back and when I came across it again yesterday, I thought I would bring it here. At least we didn't both post it the same day or anything.

Keep your posts coming. Many of us really enjoy them, and they have never failed to be interesting.

Dr. Ralph said...

Thank you Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sydney Esq. What's the 411 on the two of youse's mutual admiration society anyway oh what.?

Anonymous said...

'Serious', he was prolly in his
late 50's, maybe from HB, married to the photographer for Surfing Heritige Foundation. Loved and cherished up and down the coast.
Who's next?

Oscar Meyer said...

Two homeless guys are sitting around hungry and thirsty and each with only 50 cents.

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"I have an idea," says the other. "Give me your fifty cents."

The first bum gives over his change and his friend disappears for a minute to return with a hotdog.

"So we're going to split the hot dog?" Asked bum one. "We'll still be thirsty."

"No, it's better than that," says bum two. "We're going to hit up a few bars. We'll get our drinks, chug them down, and then I'll stickn this hotdog out through my zipper. When I stick the hotdog out, you start sucking it and they'll kick us out."

"Okay, let's try it," agrees bum one.

So they go to the first bar, start drinking, and before the bar tender asks for money, out comes the hotdog. Needless to say they get kicked to the curb.

Noting the success of this venture, the bums hit up five more bars, following the same routine.

As they rise to their feet outside the sixth bar bum two looks over at his friend with a smile. "This is working out great, isn't it?"

"I guess," says bum one, "But I'm still hungry."

"Not me," says bum two, "I ate that hotdog three bars back.

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