Friday, May 12, 2006


Drralph, can you help "the blog monitor"? He/she really has a problem, he/she has been spending way to much time monitoring and ignoring his/her personnal hygiene and appearance. This is a recent photo of "The Blog Moniotor".


Gramma Monitor said...

He/she use to be such a good boy/girl!

Dr. Ralph said...

No,I don't think there is hope for it.

The blog monitor said...


Lesson 1: Never use a person's picture without their permission.

Lesson 2: You owe me $$$ for using my picture.

Lesson 3: Delete THIS!

murphy said...

Do you know what the price is for hacking into a registered site? Well I think you will find out! Hope your last days on the internet were worth it! You can delete this if you like, in fact I hope you do, every time you access our blog it brings you one step closer to your own demise. GOOD LUCK

The blog monitor said...

Lesson 1: $1.98

Lesson 2: KNOW YOUR OPPONENT (I keep telling you this, you need to learn this lesson and learn it well).

Lesson 3: You still owe me for using my picture.

martha's mom said...

We need a second opinion from Dr. Al.

The blog monitor said...

Lesson 1: Dr. Al is a quack

Lesson 2: Don't make me come after you, Martha's mom. I know your passwords.

Lesson 3: Interesting, isn't it?

martha'smom said...

Sorry babe, but I changed it.

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