Thursday, May 25, 2006


Last week this poor guy was eating his lunch in the shade of the bamboo at Oldmans. Having just bit into his pastrami on rye, a spider drops out of the bamboo and lands on his thumb. As he goes to brush it off, it bites him. At first he thinks nothing of it. Then the deadly progression of the poison takes effect as can be seen in the photos. The hand was later amputated. Parents! KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE BAMBOO!


daisy chain said...

Instead of wasting BLOG space, why don't you contact
Spiderman? FOOL!

The blog monitor said...

Daisy Chain,

Lesson 1: It's his blog, he can waste space if he wants to.

Lesson 2: Calling him a FOOL when suggesting he contact a non-existant person is _______________.

Lesson 3: Respect Dingo.

Timmy [trapped int he well] said...

Help me Dingo, hlep me.

Lately, when I click on one of the pictures to see it as a larger image, it forces me to save the picture to my computer instead. It used to just go to the larger image. Did someone accidently change the settings of the blog?

Dingo (at another computer) said...

It's that blog monitor!

puttzle said...

Sounds like you have a unigue problem Timmy, shall we send Lassie?

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