Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today on the Blog Monitor's Blog

Lesson 1: Can you hear me now?

Lesson 2: Are we having fun yet?

Lesson 3: Order anchovies on the pizza.


puttzle said...

What is it that you want besides anchovies, The blog monitor?

The blog monitor said...

Lesson 1: Extra-large.

Lesson 2: An apology for deleting my comments.

Lesson 3: I'm thirty years old, but I read at the thirty-four-year-old level. - Dana Carvey

Anonymous said...

Your mother must be so proud of you. You must really be a sad case to have to play such games! Loneliness must be a real bitch! You probably like small children too!

The blog monitor said...

Lesson 1: Mom is proud of me most of the time, I think.

Lesson 2: It is kind of lonely here, but not that bad.

Lesson 3: (and think hard) KNOW YOUR OPPONENT!!!

BONUS Lesson: I do like small children, but not in the way you imply.

Anonymous said...

Could have fooled us! If anyone needs to apologize it should be you, and when your caught, take it like a man! And please keep the comments coming. You only make yourself look more stupid!

The blog monitor said...

Lesson 1: Stupid is as stupid does.

Lesson 2: Life is like a box of chocolates.

Lesson 3: I'm so sorry...NOT.

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