Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Beginning Thursday you are advised to head north.
There will be large surf from the Wedge to Seal Beach.
While South Orange County an North San Diego County will be flat through Sunday.


Anonymous said...

doheny will be the place to be. I am joining tubesteak and all the others at doheny for the big celebration ohana kempo family fun day!

Mayor of Doheny said...

Anon', what a wonderful celebration we have at my favorite digs, DoHo. For Family Fun Day, Ohana Kempo has promised to bring the 50 lb. bull's liver to make their famous soup. Surf Club is providing the hooves for their special tripe filled menudo. Be early, only 350 vehicles allowed in.

Anonymous said...

Greg Noll's liver weighs only fifty pounds, haw, that's a laugh. Heck, his tongue weighs 80lbs.

Anonymous said...

anon #2

thats a good one... keep em coming

Surf Club BOD said...

The club has no involvement with the event.

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