Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Pay parking is coming to popular surf beach
State announces it will charge $10 per car at Trestles lot at south end of San Clemente.
The Orange County Register

5 Decades of free parking at one of America's premier surfing beaches, Trestles, is about to end.Because of California's budget crunch and state parks' efforts to raise revenue, San Onofre State Beach will soon begin charging cars $10 a day to park in Trestles' 84-space public lot at El Camino Real and Cristianitos Road."It could be (in) a couple of days. It could be a couple of weeks," said Rich Haydon, Orange Coast District parks superintendent."We have a lot of costs at San Onofre … we have to have some cost recovery there," Haydon said.Pay parking could take the form of an entry kiosk, an "iron ranger" collection device or, down the line, a pay machine, Haydon said.It's also possible that state parks may raise the day-use fee of $10 per car. Haydon said there has been talk of it but nothing definitive.Charging for parking in the lot could put a premium on free curbside parking spaces available nearby along Cristianitos Road, El Camino Real and San Clemente residential streets.El Camino Real has about 45 free spaces along the stretch in front of the Trestles lot. Cristianitos Road has about 15 free spaces next to the I-5 Freeway, plus an additional stretch of free parking inland, past a "no parking" zone.Years ago, San Clemente imposed a 2-hour limit on parking on residential streets near Trestles so surfers wouldn't take up the spaces all day when the surf was pumping.


ENFORCER said...

Remember, not long ago the peace and liberty bunch were begging "Save Our Trestles". Bou, that stirred the pot alright. They'll be back with "Ban Trestles". Those poor protesters must always have a bone on which to chew. I'm a Poche local, and that sorry "Save Our Trestles" mob can KMMFA.

Anonymous said...

This is good news, maybe it'll get rid of the road merchants. You go to the beach, you must pay. You go to Dodger Stadium you must fork over $20.00.
It' s the American way. Sorry!

larry coronary RIP said...

anonymous, you are so right-on. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Anonymous said...

Like, who cares what they do with that lot. I ain't never leaving San Onofre. $125.00 a year for parking. You can't beat that. Nosaree Bob.

w.t.f said...

well no passes only ca$h bro/bra @ dat lot

W.T.F said...


Trestles may KMMFA. I'm broke, hungry, and costipated so they can gouge them boys for all it's worth. Pay up or shut up.

YES, I HEAR YOU said...

FINALLY A TIMELY BLOG. COMMENCING MONDAY, JULY 5 2009, ay use parking shall increase 50% to $15.00 per vehicle.
Sept.1, 2009
Annual Pass will increase to $150.00 cash only.

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