Monday, May 01, 2006

Is this a show of solidarity or a golden opportunity to round em up and move em out?


Anonymous said...

Rounding em up sounds goo to me. Then I suggest you all ship them out.

Dingo said...

Millions of admitted criminals all huddled together in packs through out the United States yesterday. Where the hell was the border Patrol? Where was ICE? I saw numerous law makers speaking in support of the criminals. Other then Tom Tancredo R-Co., there were no law makers speaking against them. Where was our President? Where was our Governor? Where were our representatives? Some marched with the criminals, some hid. Remember this in the 2006 and 2008 elections!

Capt. America said...

Maybe we should check the governers papers, he might be illegal too! Everyone interviewed yesterday who admitted being illegal, should have been arrested on the spot! And the ones who said they own busineses here, how did they get a business licence? With fake papers thats how, so it seems our laws apply to only US citizens and illegals can do what they want because our laws don't apply to them!

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