Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nazi U-boat beached at SanO, 1943

Story inside in comments.


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Sydney Carton, Esq. said...


It’s funny how an innocent conversation leads to the most interesting things. A client of mine and I were chatting about art. That lead to some discussion of the legal issues in the recovery of art stolen by the Nazis during WWII – as was in the news last week, which lead to an unusual story in the news today about a Nazi ship being transferred by Croatia to a Roman Catholic Monastery to be used as a sailing church. That then led to her sharing a picture of a Nazi U-boat at San Onofre with me. I share this chain of events with you as it just strikes me so unusual that our conversation came at just the right time – when these things were in the news, and how, by chance, they lead to this photograph she just recently acquired.

It was 1943 and Germany had lent one of their then top-of-the-line submarines to their ally, Japan, to use in the Pacific. Its first mission was to land saboteurs at Camp Pendleton. Their exact target was supposedly never determined, but you know how it is with the military. There may have been more going on at Camp Pendleton during WWII that our government feels we should yet know about, and the Japanese may have known more in 1943 than even we know today.

The submarine somehow ended up beached just south of what is now Dog Patch. I haven’t heard anything about how this happened. A guy who did some type of “maintenance work” outdoors near Camp Pendleton managed to take one picture. He supposedly ran like hell to his truck (parked all the way up by Cotton’s Ranch) and sped away before the MPs came. The story was that this guy was an amateur photographer. He took it to the newspaper for publishing, but it was never printed in the paper. The brother of one of the reporters working at the time recently died and his daughter, my client, shared with me this picture from his effects.

You can see the bluffs that were there in 1943. These bluffs were dug out for the nuclear power plant in the 1960s. I showed the picture to a couple of older guys at SanO and they feel that the cave in the bluff (just about where the submarine’s deck cannon is pointing) is the cave that was up above Old Mans, but as had been told through the family, it was another cave south of Dog Patch, as I mentioned. Some other of the old timers say that they had heard about the submarine from a guy who supposedly saw it, a guy named Looton. I couldn’t find out much about him other than he may have worked for the gas company or some other public utility

Some other of the old timers say that the photo is definitely of the beach south of Dog Patch. They say you can see, in the sand in the foreground, the weeds that grew down at that part of San Onofre back then. They called them “goat-head-thorns,” a weed. I had never heard of these, but apparently they are quite real and the military liaison officer confirmed that many of the beaches of Camp Pendleton at one time had these large sprawling weeds covering much of the sand. He said that the thorns were quiet tough, enough to become imbedded in, and sometimes go through, a marine’s boot. He sent me a picture, as shown in the original post. I sent him the picture of the submarine. He said only that he “could not confirm the story” about the sub, and other than that, there would be no comment.

So maybe in 50 years, the details of the story will come out. In the mean time, at least one picture has made it to the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Sydney, you're a kook. Read on:
Part of Hollywood's role in World War II was to make movies to inspire the home front. Being unable to go anywhere near the Pacific theater battle areas, Hollywood chose Camp Pendleton, a former rancho in Oceanside to make two movies about early World War II battles. Gung Ho! (1943) is the true story of Carlson's Raiders, a group formed seven weeks after Pearl Harbor from Marine volunteers to attack Japanese held islands. The movie follows the soldiers training and their attack on Japanese controlled Makin Island. Guadalcanal Diary (1943) is the epic tale of the early World War II battle starring Anthony Quinn and Lloyd Nolan and based on the book by Richard Tregaskis. A large number of military movies were made in San Diego from 1943 to 1945 as the studios tried to supply patriotic movies to the public. These included Otto Preminger's In the Meantime, Darling (1944), Marine Raiders (1944), Destroyer (1943) with Edward

G. Robinson, Pride of the Marines (1945) with John Garfield, Salute to the Marines (1943), See Here, Private Hargrove (1944), The Fighting Seabees (1944) with John Wayne, Wing and a Prayer (1944) with Don Ameche, and The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) with Gary Cooper.

Called one of the best films to come out of World War II, Sands of Iwo Jima was filmed at Camp Pendleton. The film's director, Allan Dwan returned to movie making in San Diego County 40 years after arriving to direct westerns in La Mesa for the "Flying A." In his first Oscar-nominated performance, John Wayne portrays hardnose Sargeant John Stryker who pushes his recruits to extremes. Stryker's techniques pay off during the battle of Tawara and the famous assault of"Iwo Jima. The three surviving Marine vets who raised the American flag on Mt. Suribachi have small parts. Dealing with an individual instead of a whole brigade, The Outsider (1961) looks at the effects of Iwo Jima on one soldier. Filmed at MCRD and Camp Pendleton, this film biography stars Tony Curtis as Pima Indian Ira Hayes, as one of the marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. The movie follows Hayes' life from basic training, to his tragic life after the war.

Take a moment to research your thoughts on google.

tojo said...

Wasn't Commadant Looton a spy for Der Fuerer in der war, ja?

inquiring mind wants to know said...

Not being familiar with all the movies mentioned, and being too lazy to research, something jumps out at me. Most of those movies deal with American/Japanese conflicts. Where does the U-Boat fit in, anonymous?



Art Beard said...

That's the Becket Bus!

Anonymous said...

Not being familiar with the difference between axis and ally submarines, or photoshop, I suspect the most logical explaination points to a Hollywood prop. or Marine training vessel.The only recorded axis power submarine activity off the California coast is refered to as the Ellwood Shelling.

The United States mainland was first shelled by the Axis on February 23, 1942 when the Japanese submarine I-17 attacked the Ellwood oil production facilities at Goleta, near Santa Barbara, California. Although only a catwalk and pumphouse were damaged, I-17 captain Nishino Kozo radioed Tokyo that he had left Santa Barbara in flames. No casualties were reported and the total cost of the damage was estimated at approximately $500.

Chuck Darnell said...

Sydney Carton, Esq. would never photoshop a picture or make up such a story. He is above reproach.

Mark Garagoes said...

Sydney is a lawyer. Therefore everything he prints and says would be the truth.

Leo Getz said...

Ok, Ok. Do I get a gun this time?

Col. Klink said...

This is a photo of U 118 ca. 1919 Beached in France

scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find the unadulterated photo of U 118

Col. Klink said...

The second U 118 here

History lesson over, dismissed
Co. Klink

pop carson said...

Looks like a different sub to me professor kilnk.

sunny bunny babrara said...


The civilian who took the picture wasn't the only one. My grandfather took a picture too. He was with the MPs who guarded the area near the sub after it ran aground. My father says that my grandfather said that were no movies being filmed there at that time. The story that there was a movie being filmed came about later when some stories about the submarine were circulating on the military base and everyone down the chain of command was given the movie story, but everyone knew it was a lie. First of all, movies about the war in the Pacific don’t include German submarines, which operated in the Atlantic ocean, not the Pacific, except this one. Secondly, none of those movies have footage of this sub, nor anything about it being beached in this manner, nor does it make sense that a money conscious movie studio (and they all are penny pinchers, especially back then with all the actors and others were under long term studio contracts) would use a full-size submarine sitting almost on its side to film a movie when they could do everything they needed in a studio with miniatures and sectional set pieces.

The photograph posted here shows the boat’s number, U118. Depending on what site you read, that U-boat was sunk allegedly sunk 1943, but at many different locations (the Mediterranean, the mid-Atlantic, near Florida, among others). So how is a U-boat sunk at multiple locations? Perhaps those were cover stories that got jumbled.

There is even a story that a man named Werner Drechsler survived the sinking of U118 and became a prison camp spy for the US until he was discovered and hanged by a secret trial of prisoners only hours after being transferred to a prison camp in Arizona (a few hundred miles from Camp Pendleton, but many thousands of miles from the places where the false stories of the sinking of the sub would have placed this survivor). He was supposedly discovered by other survivors from U118 in the same camp where the government placed him to spy under a false identity. Do you really believe that the military is so stupid as to give this man a fake identity and then put him in the same prison camp as other survivors of his sunk submarine? The whole story of this foul up was a fake story so that the man known as “Werner Drechsler” could disappear.

The real story was that Werner Drechsler was captured from U118 when it was grounded at Camp Pendleton. He was part of a five-man team that was going to sabotage a secret project of the navy at Camp Pendleton. The crew, except for the team, were all Japanese. The other four team members were killed (accidently?) during interrogation by military intelligence officers desperate to obtain information.

Werner Drechsler, unlike the others, wasn’t a German. He was Austrian, and had been forced into the submarine service. His death was faked so that his family in Austria would not be punished by the Nazis. Word had gotten out that he was cooperating with the US, so a story was concocted that he was indeed cooperating, but he was quickly discovered and killed by his fellow submarine shipmates. No retaliation against his family was needed as the story had him quickly discovered, tried by his fellow prisoners, and hanged. My father became a close friend of Werner Drechsler and we all knew, but never spoke to him directly, of the true story. Of course, my father and grandfather, who both spoke German, and like Werner Drechsler, were from Austria, did speak with him about it.

Werner Drechsler changed his first name from “Werner” to “Wally,” and his last name from “Drechsler” to “Duesler.” As Wally Duesler, he continued to live in San Clemente and nearby areas through the years. He surfed at San Onofre, and he married and raised a family. His cooperation with the US supposedly saved many lives, but I never knew exactly what he revealed or did, other than some miscellaneous stories, which don’t have anything to do with whether the submarine was beached at San Onofre.

One thing though, the new “state of the art” submarine that the Germans had promised to give the Japanese turned out to be an older WWI model (as the picture shows) because the Germans didn’t trust their ally, the Japanese, with the German’s newest technology. Perhaps if they had, whatever caused the beaching might not have occurred.

Col. Klink said...

You will take a second look at the links and what was written. There will be a quiz soon on WWI U-Boat history, and basic photoshop. Results of which will be on your permanent record.

Big Daddy Jonez said...

Maybe you are thinking of this one - a postcard from WWI that just sold on ebay.

The British government later admitted that this was a faked picture, used for war propaganda to boost morale of the British citizens.

Slippery Sam said...

Col Klink:

I am the owner of the nuclear power plant at San Onofre and I am willing, because of my urgent need for cash, to sell it to you of $35,000.

I have a notorized deed to give you for the money. Meet me by the big volleyball court at midnight for the exchange. Tell no one.

June Allison said...

I like Sydney's story better.

Henry Ford said...

History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that's worth a tinker's damn is the history we make today.

Ambrose Gwinett Bierce said...

History is an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Bunny Barbara,

On 4 June 1944, a hunter-killer group of the United States Navy captured the German submarine U-505. This event marked the first time a U.S. Navy vessel had captured an enemy vessel at sea since the nineteenth century. The action took place in the Atlantic Ocean, in Latitude 21-30N, Longitude 19-20W, about 150 miles off the coast of Rio De Oro, Africa. The American force was commanded by Captain Daniel V. Gallery, USN, and comprised the escort Carrier Guadalcanal (CVE-60) and five escort vessels under Commander Frederick S. Hall, USN: Pillsbury (DE-133) Pope DE-134), Flaherty (DE-135), Chatelain (DE-149), and Jenks (DE-665).

What else did Gramps tell dad?

just trying to help said...

Maybe you all were this movie about a submarine on a secret mission It was just a movie, not real.

Col. Klink said...

Anonymous, you get the only A in the class.
U-505 now resides in a Chicago museum.

Dr. Ralph said...

We might break A recored today, Unt.

barey the plumber said...

So the u boat numbers of 118 are a fake and the real numbers were 505.

Whew, I didn't get the 911 on that one.

Suzie Michels said...

I know the Dueslers and that would explain a lot.

Chevy said...

Well, Mr. Ford. To better understand the present and to possibly see into the future. You must first take a look into the past.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

"History is a myth that men agree to believe."
~ Napoleon

I posted the pictures and the story. Believe as you wish. At least no one has claimed that goat head thorns are a myth, or were photoshopped.

Disagreements about the story will never be fully resolved. I remember many stories from history that were settled fact at one time, only to be debunked many years later. I think in modern history most people have some awareness of the theories around the death of President Kennedy. What people chose to forget is that a whole bevy of top acoustical experts agreed that a sound on a tape was an additional gunshot, and these experts testified to this. Later, when those sounds were put on one of those “floppy” records that came as inserts in magazines – in this case, Hustler magazine – if you don’t remember Kennedy, maybe you remember Hustler ;) – and some ordinary guy listens to it and hears what all those experts missed, the actual cause of the sound they all agreed was an additional gunshot, some of them even testifying that they were “one hundred percent” positive about it, was NOT a gun shot. So much for the experts. Further, more suffocated acoustical studies about 25 years later, in 2005, show, according to these “experts” that the rider of the police motorcycle wasn’t where he was claimed to be by all those oh-so-positive-in-their-opinion earlier “experts.”

And as for the government covering up a story, look at Roswell, New Mexico (And hang in there, this doesn’t move on to a theory about space aliens). The government now says that it lied to the public for 50 years. There never was a weather balloon. The government doesn’t say that there was an alien craft, but the important thing is that the government clearly states that it lied for decades. It now says that there was a different type of balloon carrying a device to measure radioactivity in the atmosphere to determine the status of nuclear weapons development, and then testing, by the Soviet Union.

And modernly, what does the Bush administration say when confronted by reporters who were given false information in a briefing? That the government, and the administration, lie every day because they can’t tell the America people the truth (about “some things” they say), because the enemy is also listening and telling the enemy the truth would undermine the war on terrorism.

Whether you agree or not that the government should be lying and concealing things from the public is not the issue. The issue is only whether you believe the government when the government itself tells you that it lied before and it concealed before and it is still doing so.

So, does that mean the story is true? I can’t find the exact quote, but someone wiser than I said that he believed little of what he sees with his own eyes, and less of what he reads.

If I didn’t learn anything about San Onofre, I think that I learned about goat head thorns.

Anonymous said...

The "goat head thorns" was the straw that broke the camel's back. They were the most obvious fake in the post. You had me hook, line and sinker until then!

Tiny Tim said...

I knew it, you're a space alien Kennedy conspiracist nut job!

Dorthy Willars said...

Otto Preminger.

I have some old photgraphs from the 60s at San Onofre that have an "Otto" in them, so he was at least there in the 60s, but he looks a bit young I think.

Dr. Ralph said...

Yes, and they have always been common to this area.

Lex Talvich said...

So the Dueslers are space aliens that landed at Roswell in a German submarine?

Does that mean that they are Scientologists too?

mugi said...


Is Dr. Ralph talking about goat head thorns at San Onofre or nuts on the internet?

The doctor is a master of the double entendre

li'l kenny said...

I don't read the stories. I jsut look at the pictures when my dad reads the stories to me at bedtime.

Michale Dorn said...

I've always thought that the Hornbecks were in league with the Dueslers.

Hornbeck friend said...

and that means what?

Judge Judy said...


You sir are an idiot.

diver said...

You all obviously haven't spent any time diving near the nuclear plant's intake. Do you really believe that that massive pier was built in the 1960s just to put an intake line in? Didn't anybody see that they took all the pieces of this sub right down the pier to shore and loaded then onto the trains at the railroad siding that was built for the nuclear plant construction? Were you all asleep then? Of coure, most of it was done at night, so I guess you were. But some of it wasn't finished on some nights and photograps were taken in the early morning hours. I would post pictures, but you people aren't convinced by actual photographs.

my best friend's sister's boyfriend knows this guy who heard from this kid that Ferris pasted out said...

Look, this is simple. Someone took this plastic model U boat and took a picture of it in black and white and gave it to Sydney's client's grandfather who made up a story to amuse his son who passed it on to her daughter who passed it on to Sydney.

peggy sue said...

So he was a child amuser.

That is what you are saying, isn't it?

And he's dead and can't defend himself.

Dr. Dan said...

Would someone please lock the door to the nuthouse?

puttzle said...

Wiser words were never spoken, Dr. Dan!

sunny bunny barbara said...

If Wally Duesler wasn't who he told my grandfather and father he was, how come he kept this tiny sketch of himself on board a submarine looking through the periscope in his wallet for about 50 years before he gave it to my father?

Wiser Hyman said...

The spaceship leaves at midnight. Bon Voyage.

Anonymous said...

The links and references are the funniest part of this thread!

just someone who knows said...

Now this is getting creepy, because that sketch is Wally.

rick johnson said...

If you want the truth, ask BK. He'll give u the straight story.

diver said...

This is the first time I have tried to link a photo, but here, if it works, is a picture of 2 of my friends diving the conning tower of U-118 off San Onofre in 1961. I was there and took the photo myself.

Dr. Ralph said...

Yes and yes Mugi.

mugi said...

U rock Doc.

Duke fan said...


I know that John Wayne movie, but I sure don't recall the part when he rammed the beach head riding on top of a German subamrine in the US's Pacific theatre of operations.

What a maroon!

doesn't post name or personal info on net said...

That is Wally. Really. It is the spitting image of him as I remember him back then in the late 40s when I was very young.
That is either too funny, or too strange.
Who is sunny bunny barbara that she has such a sketch?

the gamester of triskelian said...

Sargnet Stryker was the character in the Wolfenstein 3D
PC video game.

We can't all be fooled by a string of names anonymous.

Dr. Ralph said...

Bar keep, fresh horses for my men and wisky all around. The Duke said that.

I post from prison said...

No shit, these have been the funniest and most entertaining postings in 6 months!

Great photo!

And Col Klink is still alive!

I love it!

defense worker said...

I made that picture my screensaver. When I came back from my morning coffee break, I had notes from six co-workers who want me to email it to them.

puttzle said...

It's a record alright, Dr. Ralph!

manny kevler said...

I was on the beach in the La Jolla Cove in the early 1950s when the military pulled pieces of a crashed military jet (or something, it was just in pieces, we thought that it had been a jet) up onto the beach. It was raining hard, but a lot of people came out to see what was going on. It never was in the papers. My high school teaher tried to find out directly from the military what had happened but couldn't get any info. I have a small piece of the engine. Its a tube that feeds fuel or something and the screw on part that attached it to the engine. I know, as an adult, that I shouldn't have gone up and taken that piece off, but I did it back then. It really happened, but there is no proof of it other than that I saw it, and the small piece I have. So don't tell me that the submarine story couldn't have happened.

first time poster said...

everybody sure got together and shut down ol' anonymous.
good work.
of course, now having said so, the idiot will probably post a reply to let us know he is 'still here.'
what a moron.

u guys crack me up said...

the diving picture was great!

Prof. Robert Orwell Stutwell said...

The real story

Tony Sloope said...

Excellent work Professor!

junior professor said...

The RealRealPhoto

trust me dude said...

The really real real photo is here

Anonymous said...

Still here, ya pukes.

And I got an autographed picture of Tony Curtis standing at the rail of this submarine movie prop at San Onofre.

hmmmm . . . beer said...

Nice try anonymous, but you posted a link to a source picture of Tony Curtis at a wooden rail that you might be able to combine with the submarine picture in photoshop, but not the finished product.

Sorry, but you really are a maroon.

amster dam said...

You guys are either funny as hell, or really screwed up. Keep up the good work.

the riddler said...

What's big and hard and full of seamen?

counter said...


counter counter said...


Foxbat said...

You "Landlubbers" don't know when you are being fooled?
That picture is of a First World War U-boat. The U-118 which was washed ashore at Hastings, England on 15, April 1919. She was being towed to the scrap yard when a gale in the English Channel got up and she broke her tow, washing her ashore at Hastings. As the storm got worse she was pounded and rolled further up the beach until she was to high to be refloated or towed off. She was eventually cut up by the breakers yard in situ on the beach. I have more pictures than you can shake a stick at of this U-boat, along with an original film of her on the beach being pounded by the storm, and eventually being cut-up by the Breakers Torch.
And to prove it even more My Great Aunt had her picture taken standing alongside the U-118 on the beach.
So there Huh!
Mystery solved!

Cal Cium said...

This was a classic!
Though the more current photo of the permanent closing of San Onofre is in my top ten favorites too.

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