Monday, July 31, 2006


Why do these people with these giant motorhomes get to the gate at San Onofre so early to be first in line, then go to bed and sleep threw the opening of the gate and block the road and make everyone behind them have to pass them and enter on the wrong side of the Kiosk? Why don't you just stay home and sleep.Those of us who get there early, break out chairs and sit around and talk until the gate opens and are ready to go! Like this morning, this giant motorhome first in line sleeps and we have to drive around him and down the wrong side to go in. Then when he does wake-up he drives down to the asphalt parking lot and camps out there, not even going down to the beach then goes back to bed! Hell he could get there at 7am and park in the same place alone without even waiting in line! Be more thoughtful of your fellow surfers. If you get there early and want to sleep, set an alarm, no one is going to wake you up when the gate opens. If you snooze you loose! But remember, it is "NOT A CAMPGROUND"! If your sleeping and people around you are talking and wake you up, well as they say in Russia-- "TOUGHKEY SHITSKEY"! Go to the campground and sleep or wait till you park at the beach, then go to bed! The Park Rangers are going to start ticketing sleepers for illegally camping on the road!


Anonymous said...

MURPH, lighten up. Tell our newly departed friend, Ryan Neisom your gripes. Ryan woul gladly wait to go around that motorcoach. That is, if Ryan were still alive.


Don't forget those of us who have gotten tickets for waiting in line and awake! When I complaind to the higher-ups, I was told that it is posted "NO PARKING" and anyone there before 6am is subject to a ticket. These were written by Harding. Cost me around $84 bucks as I recall.

puttzle said...

You know anonymous, you are one sick f*cking individual.

Anonymous said...

Harding showed up at 5 in the morning on club luau day a few years ago. He gave people the choice of leaving and coming back at 6 or getting a ticket. Everyone left but more people showed up just as fast. It created quite the roaming traffic jam. Hundreds of cars going in circles at 2 mile per hour. Technically, he was correct to the letter of the law. Pretty chicken shit to the spirit of the law.

murphy said...

When it comes to waiting in line lately, the Rangers have been good about cutting us some slack, but when people start taking advantage of their goodwill and start camping out I hope they start ticketing again! If you haven't noticed, there is one hell of a lot more people coming down, people who do not even surf come in to use the beach for partying and forceing others to listen to their music, which can be heard 100 yards away. San Onofre is not about them, its about us as surfers and it always has been. So they could atleast show us a little respect.

puttzle said...

As much as I agree with your sentiment on park usage, Murphy, it's still public property and everyone has the right to use it, surfer or not. Unless they come up with some kind of requirement (must have a surfboard or other approved water craft), you are SOL. You also know that a requirement like that would never fly because Gloria Allred would get involved because it is not politically correct and unfair to illegals, or something like that.

mel gibson said...


Take a chill pill.

Like you've never overslept or your alarm never failed.

You're comming off like an A-hole, so cool down a bit

in the know said...

This is the way it is.
Ranger's back hurts = somebody's gunna get a ticket.
Ranger fights with wife = somebody's gunna get arrested.
Ranger fights with girlfriend = stay away from Ranger's gun.

puttzle said...

Who the heck are you to talk, Mel?!? Have another cocktail, ya lush.

murphy said...

And when the PUBLIC learns to respect San Onore, then I'll calm down. And so will the Rangers.

Dingo said...

I got a ticket there several years ago while 4th or 5th in line. Ranger Dee (who is no longer there) was the culprit. I appealed it twice and got it removed but the others in line didn't get as lucky. I pointed out inconsistencies in enforement and the judge agreed. He did say that it is posted as no parking and if I got another ticket, it would stay.
I get in line now knowing that.

Sargent Shultz said...

delete your post.
you know nothing, nothing!

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