Sunday, July 23, 2006


Here is the star of Dr.Ralphs reality show,

"UGLY BETTY"! At the end of the series, which will air for 3 episodes, Dr.Ralph will transform her into a raving beauty! The first of the 3 episodes will be "Finding the look", in which the Dr. and Betty find the right look for her and begin the transformation. Stay tuned.


Betty said...

So when are you going to be on the series? Maybe the show can turn you into a man instead of a hero worshiping perpetual boy

puttzle said...

Be nice, Betty.

Anonymous said...

Bad attitude and a face to match, huh Betty?

Dr. Nurse said...

More like, a ponytail and a face to match!!!

Dr. Ralph said...

I have assembled a surgical team to be rivaled by none.
Dr. Fronkinsteen and of coarse my self, will be the head surgeons, Dr. Kavorkian will be the anesthesiologist and Nurse Rachet will be the lead surgical assistant. With out any complications the procedure will take 12 hour's.
We are all very much looking forward to the surgical event.

Chuck Henry said...

Film at 11:00?

Moon Phase