Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SanO Rat Population Getting Big Boost

SAN ONOFRE, Calif. (AP) It all started four years ago, when he caught a baby rat at San Onofre to feed his pet Sri Lankan python. But when he saw the furry little critter squeaking for its life, the lifelong animal lover said he didn't have the heart to let it become just another snake snack.

"I couldn't stand it," he told the San Clemente Dispatch. "I took the rat out of the cage and got to know it." After that, "Big T," as he is known to the locals, was hooked on the rodents, which he described as gentle, lovable and an endless source of entertainment. He caught four more at the beach the next week.

Last week, animal control officers discovered more than 2,500 rats in Big T's small, one-bedroom home after a neighbor complained about the foul smell. He was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Big T said a recent bout of flu and bronchitis kept him from maintaining control of the fast-breeding population. "I did not set out to do this," he told the paper. "It was not all my fault," he added. "It was this force of nature that overwhelmed me."

His house, in a quiet middle-class neighborhood, reeks of urine, the San Clemente Dispatch said. The floor is covered with the chaff of feed mixed with rat droppings, and everything is gnawed on, including the sheetrock walls.

When animal control officers arrived, they found rat cages stacked ten deep. The rats appeared well fed and cared for, and very active.

Big T admitted that he felt some relief when the rodents were confiscated, noting the "crushing burden" of caring for them. He said he was buying up to 5000 pounds of rat food a week.

Most of the rats are doing very well said Nancee Tavares, manager of San Clemente Animal Services. Tavares said that the rats would be released at San Onofre Beach on Friday because the original parents came from an area known as "Old Mans" at that beach, and returning them to their original environment would be the ecologically sound thing to do.

While there are some upset that there will be thousand of rats released upon the beach Friday, others are planning a barbecue for Friday evening. "We barbecue every Friday," said Jack Daniels, pictured here, "and it's about time someone else restocked the area."


Anonymous said...

Better invite anonymous, or he'll be pissed.

murphy said...

The BBQ looks like it was made from Puttzle's VW bus.

angrywhtman said...

I have pioneered a recipe in which boiled rats can be pureed and made into delicious pancakes, the recipe must remain a secret , but do stop by and check them out on the weekend mornings

you're slipping Sydney said...

You forgot to say that the barbecue grill was made out of a piece of the German U-boat that washed up at SanO 53 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and you use goat head thorns for fuel instead of charcoal.

happy black man said...

Bring that last "reader" chick you posted to serve as waitress, and I'll bring the OJ.

TV said...

Comedy Central will run the Scientology episode on July 19.

puttzle said...

The South Park one?!?!?

TV said...

Thanks Puttzle.
I messed that up.
The south park one, finally, after the corportation at the top of the CC ownership line pulled it and wouldn't allow CC to show it after Tom Cuise threatened to stop all his publicity efforts for the movie MI3 if they ran it again, and the same corporation owned MI3, which did poorly at the box office in spite of Cruise's non-stop publicity and baby birth.

Look for the wedding to be set around the time of a DVD or new movie release for Cruise.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

The barbecue grill was made out of a piece of the German U-boat that washed up at SanO 53 years ago.



puttzle said...

It certainly isn't from my bus.

colonel sanders said...

DO you have those in extra crispy or only in the original recipe?

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