Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dehydrated Surfers Back in Hospital

San Clemente, CA (UPI) Two surfers found adrift Monday in a sailboat were rehospitalized today due to dehydration from their ordeal at sea. Dr. Ralph of San Clemente General Hospital said that the men were near death, stressing that fluid balances must be kept to what is the normal minimum for each individual person. "We gave them several booster injections and they have both been on a steady flow of intravenous fluid. We will continue with injections and IVs until we can get their bodies back to their normal fluid balance" said Dr. Ralph.


Dr. Dreamy said...

Nurse, get bigger I.V. bags, STAT!
And this time fill them with straight alcohol!
These men are drying out before my eyes!

MASH 4077 said...

Dr. Ralph - "Best Care Anywhere"

Dr. Dreamy's date said...

no one dries out with Dr, Dreamy in charge.

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